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With a wide variety of classes at many different times, Rise Yoga is sure to easily fit into your busy life. See our schedule below and sign up to start your journey with us.


You don’t need to register for a specific class ahead of time. We’ve got plenty of space. Come when your schedule allows!


Don't have your own mat? No problem, we have mats for you to use during class at no cost


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65 min Flow

Looking for less stress and to feel good in your body? Then come to one of our signature flow classes. By connecting dynamic functional movements to your breathing you'll be taking care of your body in a way that is challenging and fun.

We’ll do poses and movements while lying on our backs, belly, and standing in a variety of different ways. Flow practices emphasizes both held poses as well as the transitions (or connections) between the poses.

In addition to the physical health benefits of Flow style of practice you’ll also learn to access the beauty and grace between the poses (the transitions.) Life is constant change, practicing ease within transition while in class can and does support you in more skillfully navigating transitions throughout life.

Every class at Rise is open to all students regardless of the length of time they’ve been practicing. While one pose will look different from one person to the next, we’re all running the same race as we cultivate awareness, take care of our bodies, decreasing stress and learn to live more fully in our mind and bodies.

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65 min Slow Flow

In our Slow Flow classes we move at a slower pace than our Flow classes, with extra time to explore the alignment and energy of each pose. All that, plus time at the end for guided breathing and meditation. You’ll leave with the perfect sense of balance, having tapped into the rhythm and depth of the movement and the mental clarity of the meditation practices.

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90 MIn Deep Dive

This class is a 90 min playground in all things yoga. You can expect a wide variety in this class depending on who is teaching. Headstands, sequencing, exploring the universal principles of the practice, and meditation will all show up in this class. Find details about the current week's offering by checking in with us on Instagram and Facebook.

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75 min Restore

Restorative Yoga offers a series of poses, supported postures, breathing practices and meditation techniques that help to reduce stress and soothe the nervous system. It’s great for students of all ages and is well suited to folks who are new to yoga. It’s a phenomenal practice for folks who experience a lot of day to day mental or physical stress.

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65 min Foundations

Foundations consists of a short warm-up and then the exploration of one pose/shape or concept per class. We focus on the key elements that make up the pose and the physical and mental benefits that accompany it. This class is a great place to ask questions you have about poses! There is significantly less movement than a Flow class and more repetition of the shape or pose of the day.

It’s an ideal class for people new to yoga but is also for the curious student regardless of how long they’ve been practicing.

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65 min Balance & Mobility

In Balance & Mobility we use movement, stretching and yoga poses to explore the functional movements of the joints and muscles. We'll practice healthy movement patterns and strength the body and mind so that you can do the activities of daily life with more ease and confidence.

This class will be great for folks new to yoga or other forms of movement and anyone interested in learning and exploring ways to keep their body humming along smoothly. Athletes feeling "tight" from their primary form of movement and yogis seeking balance from their usual flow routine will also discover way to move that are fun and useful during class and are also complimentary to the other yoga class styles or activities that they love.

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65 min Flow & Restore

This class is the perfect combination of restful, restorative poses and active movement. You’ll skillfully wake up the body and care for your joints and muscles with flowing movement and held yoga poses in a way that prepares the body and mind receive the nourishment and support of the restorative poses included in the class. It’s a great introduction to the linked-together movements of our Flow classes and an overall phenomenal way to kick off a Friday.


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