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With a wide variety of classes at many different times, Rise Yoga is sure to easily fit into your busy life. See our schedule below and sign up to start your journey with us.


You don’t need to register for a specific class ahead of time. We’ve got plenty of space. Come when your schedule allows!


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Flow (60 min)

In our signature Flow classes, you’ll connect dynamic functional movements to your breath in order to take care of your body in a fun and challenging way.

We’ll move and practice asana (poses) on our backs, bellies, and standing. Flow classes emphasize both the poses themselves and the transitions between them. Practicing ease within transition on our yoga mats can and does support us in more skillfully navigating all of life’s changes.

Every class at Rise is open to all students regardless of their prior experience with yoga. While the outward appearance of the postures varies from person to person and day to day, we’re all working towards the same goals: cultivating awareness, and living more fully in our mind and body.

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Hatha (60 min)

Our Hatha classes include more held poses and fewer choreographed transitions than our Flow classes. We’ll explore how yoga poses can cultivate stability and mobility in the body and calm the mind. Hatha literally translates to sun-moon (ha-tha); Hatha Yoga is the yoga of (physical, mental, and emotional) balance.

Hatha classes are appropriate both for folks new to yoga and for experienced practitioners.

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Vigorous vinyasa (75 min)

Vigorous Vinyasa is designed for those times when your body and mind crave a faster pace and deeper variety of poses and transitions. Like in our Flow classes, we’ll pair movement and breath to cultivate a deeper mind-body connections. We’ll experiment with challenging transitions and a range of postures, including standing balances, inversions, and arm balances.

This class is best suited to students with prior exposure to yoga, including Flow classes at Rise. The most important prerequisite, however, is a spirit of curiosity around your own body’s needs, and the mental flexibility to respond accordingly.

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Restore (75 Min)

In our Restore classes, you’ll practice supported poses, breathing techniques, and guided meditation to soothe your nervous system and reduce stress. By reconnecting to our body and slowing our mind, we build resilience to better navigate life’s challenges and be more present for life’s joys.

Restore classes are a good fit for people new to yoga, as well as experienced students seeking stress reduction and/or a counterbalance to a more vigorous asana practice.

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Balance & mobility (60 min)

In Balance & Mobility classes we use yoga poses and passive and active stretches to explore the functional movements of our joints and muscles. We’ll practice healthy movement patterns on our yoga mats in order to support more ease and confidence in our day-to-day activities.

This class emphasizes the use of props, including straps, blocks, bolsters, blankets, walls, and chairs, to access and enhance strength and flexibility. It’s designed for people new to yoga and/or movement, for anyone wanting more instruction and support in their yoga practice, and for experienced yogis seeking deeper knowledge of their own body and mind.

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flow & restore (60 min)

Flow & Restore unites the benefits of active movement and supported rest in a single class. You’ll wake up the body with held poses and skill-building transitions, in preparation for receiving the mind-body nourishment of a sequence of restorative postures.

This class is an excellent introduction to our approach to Flow (vinyasa) yoga, and a balanced practice suitable for both beginning and experienced yogis.

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movement & meditation (45 min)

Our Movement & Meditation classes combine gentle movement and guided meditation to help focus the mind as way to cultivate awareness and ease in both body and mind. A consistent meditation practice supports physical and mental wellbeing, improved quality sleep, and access to gratitude.

Movement & Meditation classes are appropriate for people of all abilities, including students new to yoga and/or meditation.

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Renew & Relax (90 min)

In Renew & Relax (offered monthly on Friday evenings), we explore the potential of multiple modalities—Yin Yoga, Yoga nidra meditation, and restorative yoga—to return balance to the mind and body. Yin Yoga, in which we hold poses to access tendons, ligaments, and fascia, helps cultivate body awareness and quiet the mind. Yoga nidra, or “yogic sleep” is an accessible yet powerful guided meditation practice that encourages deep relaxation and release from habitual thought patterns. Restorative poses use props to support rest and release.

Renew & Relax is an excellent complement to more active practices (like Flow or Hatha). It’s also suitable for students new to yoga.


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